We are supplying AOS Technologies  product range of  both high-speed and streaming cameras which makes it the primary choice for designers, manufacturers, R&D and test engineers to solve their most challenging motion problems. Whether it's testing a new product design or piece of equipment or trouble-shooting a high-speed production line, these digital camera systems can capture thousands of high resolution images for playback and analysis. And with Imaging Studio and Motion Analysis software, users can automatically track the motion of any point within a recorded sequence .The continuing development of new state-of-the-art products shows our commitment to furthering research and development in the areas of digital imaging and motion analysis solutions.


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High-Speed Cameras

Streaming Cameras

USB3 Cameras

NEW high speed cameras when size matters 

With its size of 30x32x59mm the Micro G1 is extremely small and fits tightest space requirements. Having front connection of the cables makes it the ideal choice when distance to object is critical. Tested for high-G the camera goes into automotive crash tests or other demanding environments and delivers crisp clear images. The quality engineered and solid built camera is another milestone in AOS’ range of self-containing high speed cameras.  

Key features

  • 1920 x 1080 @ 200fps

  • 1280 x 720 @ 500fps

  • 800 x 600 up to 1000fps

  • up to 3000fps @ reduced resolution

  • Front mounting of cables

  • Built in memory

  • Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • Secure data, no risk of cable breaks

  • High-G rated and tested by independent test lab


  • Camera Hub with battery

  • Ultra small S-Mount lenses


The new PROMON U series of USB3 cameras is now introduced. The first available model is Promon U750, a miniature camera that takes images with 640x480 pixels @ 750 frames/sec. Taking advantage of the full sensor resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels the camera provides a stunning data rate of 200+fps. PROMON U750 is available in color / monochrome. The camera is piloted by the AOS Imaging Studio V4 software and records directly into PC RAM and… yes… streams to disk. 

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