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We are currently re-building our offering of world-wide well-known brands within the most important areas including

opto-mechanics, optics and optical component, motion control and manipulators, lasers, light sources, optical metrology, spectroscopy systems and components, laser diagnostic instruments, cameras and camera-based systems.

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Inspection tools


A comprehensive range of medium priced precision optical borescopes are available. from Gradient Lens

Corporation, the Hawkeye series


Available in 4mm and 6mm dia. and lengths from 1.5m-6m with either 2-way or 4-way articulation.


All this from Gradient Lens Corporation, the Hawkeye series


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Economically priced optical endoscopes for general inspection  available from Schott Moritex



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Optical Components

Mid-IR Focusing Objectives

These are designed for maximum efficiency in coupling the output from a mid-IR source into single-mode or multimode IR transmitting fibers.
•ZnSe MicroLens      •Easy alignment using HeNe
•AR-AR in Mid-IR      •Mounting RMS thread
•Diffraction limited   •2 μm to 12 μm

Fiber-Optic Coupling Lenses
Coupling Lenses for VIS-NIR mounted in the industry
standard RMS Threaded Mountfavored in most laboratories. Transmittance of these AR-AR coated Lenses exceeds 96% at the peak wavelength. Performance is diffraction limited when Maximum Beam Diameter is not exceeded.


Optical Isolators

Mid-IR Optical Isolators eliminate the annoying effects of feedback in quantum cascade laser applications and systems, operating at specific wavelengths from 4 μm to beyond 14 μm. Standard stockwavelengths are 4,5 μm,

8,0 μm and 10,6 μm.

See also the Mini Series from 780 nm - 1550 nm and VIS.

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Furthermore we offer QuickAlign Fiber Input & Output Coupling Ports, Polarizers and Depolarizers, Polarization

Rotators, Flat-Top Beam Expanders, Fiber-Optic Collimators and IR Fiber Cables.


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Laser Diagnostics

There are so many new types of lasers and laser applications that it would be impossible to list them here and they are all known as well. We are doing everything to keep up with laser development and this is the reason why you’ll find such a wide variety of laser measurement equipment offered here:

  • Laser power sensors – from 10 pW to 100 kW

  • Laser energy sensors – from 10 pJ to 40 J

  • Power meters – to display your laser power or energy, includes, logging, averaging, and many other functions

  • Laser beam profilers – Spiricon cameras and Photon scanning-slit technology – for beam width, and overall intensity profile

  • Power / Position / Size (BeamTrack) sensors to simultaneously measure laser power, position, and size

… and a variety of accessories to make sure your laser can be measured regardless of its wavelength, power, or size.


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Optical Filters and Beamsplitters

Chroma Technology Corp is a leading manufacturer and designer of sputter-coated optical filters and optical filter sets for the ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, including bandpass, longpass, shortpass filters, beamsplitters, dichroic mirrors and laser rejection filters used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, astronomy, multicolor FISH and machine vision for markets such as life science, industrial, military and defense.


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