Continues wave lasers from

473 nm to 1064 nm

We are offering a broad variety of CW lasers from Laser Quantum;

green, red, blue, yellow and IR wavelenghts.

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compact 532 nm and 671 nm CW lasers
robust high-power 473 -  671 nm CW lasers

The tau range incorporates two wavelengths, 532nm and 671nm. The 532nm is capable of powers up to 150mW and the 671nm up to 50mW.  Our tau lasers come in a very compact and neat footprint and the mono-block design is ideal for OEM integration.

Scientific CW lasers from 473 to 1064 nm

The ventus family of CW lasers is designed for the scientific customer where flexibility, reliability and beam quality are critical.

With a wavelength range covering 473nm to 1064 nm and powers from 50mW to 1.5W, all within the same housing, the ventus family is ideal for research applications in biomedical imaging, microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, DNA sequencing, opto-genetics and anywhere a high specification, reliable laser is needed.

High-power compact 
532, 660 and 1064 nm

The opus is one of our most popular lasers and is now available in 532nm, 660nm and 1064nm versions. With its rugged, patented design, it is characterised by its high power and compact size. The opus is capable of military-graded applications and also ideal in the fields of biomedicine, super-resolution microscopy and Ti:Sapphire pumping. Opus’s has excellent beam characteristics, low noise and highly stable output.


The gem range is a compact series of lasers designed for easy integration into other instrumentation. With a wide power range and multiple wavelength offerings, they are ideal for system designers wanting a reliable, robust laser with excellent beam quality.

Scientific CW lasers from 473 to 1064 nm

The finesse is used globally and is a world leader in its class. Delivering a range of powers at 532nm, continuous-wave, and with the diode fibre-coupled to the laser head. The laser is small, efficient and requires minimal cooling due to its high efficiency. The finesse family are ideal as a Ti:Sapphire pump lasers, already used worldwide. These features, combined with noise <0.15% rms and an M-squared of <1.1, make the 532nm finesse laser an ideal OEM laser or research tool.


Single longitudinal mode 532 & 660 nm

The torus family offer a range of single longitudinal mode lasers with bandwidths below 1MHz. These are ideal for applications such as high resolution Raman spectroscopy, holography and interferometry that benefit from the long coherence length.


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