Metrology - non-contact measurements

Metrology is a very broad field and can generally  be divided into three basic activities

  • Definition of internationally accepted units of measurement.

  • Realisation of these units of measurement in practice

  • Application of chains of traceability linking measurements made in practice to reference standards.

Metrology also has three basic subfields, all of which make somehow use of the three basic activities:

  • Scientific or fundamental metrology

  • Applied, technical or industrial metrology

  • Legal metrology


             We at Kimmy Photonics are dedicate to light and laser based non-contact methods.

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3-D Profilometers for Surface Characterization

These products are high-precision 3-D profilometer technology that works on rough, smooth and stepped surfaces without contact and are based on scanning white-light interferometry, also called coherent or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. With their large vertical range and nanometer resolution, they are ideal tools for determining flatness, height differences and parallelism of large surfaces and structures, including soft materials.

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Laser 2/3-D Scanners and Measurement Sensors

Optical distance measurement sensors are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and research applications. Most sensors use a visible or infrared laser beams to project a spot of light onto a target, the surface to which the distance is to be measured. The distance from the spot back to the light-detecting portion of the sensor is then measured in one of several ways. Acuity employs laser triangulation and modified time-of-flight principles in its laser measurement sensors.

There are many factors to consider when specifying a laser distance sensor. They include maximum range, sensitivity, target reflectance and specularity, accuracy and resolution, environmental conditions, and sample rate.

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Laser  Vibrometers 

Non-contact optical measurements solutions for vibrations.


Laser Doppler Vibrometry is a precision optical transducer technology to determine vibration displacement and velocity at a fixed point. The technology is based upon the Doppler effect, sensing the frequency shift of the back-scatterd light from a moving surface.

Whether the applications is quality assurance on a production line, charcterization of MEMS and micro components, indentifying torsional modes or dynamic defelction shapes,

long-range or portable measurement needs, there is always a system we can provide from Polytec.