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nPoint specializes in piezo-driven flexure-guided nanopositioners and motion control tools that can be used in various environments, including ultra-high vacuum and military-spec. The use of capacitive feedback ensures the best motion linearity and position accuracy across the industry. Other sensor technology is also available to meet a variety of application requirements. The nPoint 400 series DSP controllers provide flexibility in programming and allow easy optimization of nanopositioner response times for a variety of applications. nPoint’s piezo stages provide X, Z, XY, XYZ and tip-tilt nanomotion control. Nanopositioning systems are designed for motion critical applications including: nanolithography, atomic force microscopy (AFM), biophysics, and optical focusing.

nPoint’s piezo flexure stages provide up to 1000µm of scanning and position control and 14 mradians in tip-tilt applications. Closed-loop feedback provides unequaled precision and accuracy. Unique flexure-guided designs ensure high resonant frequencies while minimizing orthogonality and cross-talk effects. nPoint’s piezo stages, coupled with DSP electronic controls, provide users with the ultimate in nanopositioning systems.

Standard stage materials are listed. Other materials including invar, super invar, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum are available for some stages. UHV configurations are also available in most products.