The latest in nanopositioning technology

nPoint - piezo actuator driven flexure stages


nPoint, Inc. specializes in piezo actuator driven flexure stages available in one, two or three axes of motion. The ultra-precision motion control scanners and controllers provide users with the highest level of performance available in the marketplace.

Kimmy Photonics and nPoint has agreed upon distributionship in the Nordic area: Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway


Date 19.4.2016

Unique non-contact measurement technology from Optimet - conoscopic holography


Optimet's unique technology can solve very complex distance measurements problems. It offers a measurement solution for many industrial and reasearch applications which, until now have been unmeasurable. The sensors offer extreme precision with fast measurement rates of almost any shape or surface.

Find out more about the patetnted technology and the products at our product pages


Date 10.9.2015

World-leading Laser Vibrometry from Polytec GmbH


Polytec manufactures a wide range of laser vibrometers that are the acknowledged gold-standard for non-contact vibration measurement. Standard single-point or differential measurements, the determination of rotational or in-plane vibrations, the visualization of microscopic vibrations or the creation of a deflection shape for an entire surface, there is a Polytec system to provide the answer. We are happy to announce the collaboration between our companies to cover the area of Finland.


Date 8.8.2015

Innovation Photonics enters agreement with Kimmy


The current focus of Innovation Photonics is on applications requiring uncommon optics. Immediate interest is the mid-IR, for which interest has been expanding, especially since the development and availability of quantum cascade lasers.

For more details on the products, see the products pages


Date 28.6.2015

Moving into a new builiding


On May 11th, 2015 we moved into new facilities in Espoo, Maapallonkuja 1 A.

With premises large enough we are able to accomodate and arrange

workshops, trainings and product launches for a larger group of clients.

You are welcomed to vistis us at any time!


Date 13.5.2015