Laser Scanners And Measurement Sensors


Acuity's laser measurement sensors and laser scanners are precision devices manufactured by Schmitt Industries, Inc. Our products satisfy diverse dimensional measuring applications for industrial automation and advanced research. Acuity sensors use laser triangulation, time-of-flight or confocal chromatic displacement measurement principles for highest accuracy position measurement installations.

Short Range Sensors
Long Range Sensors


Laser displacement sensors measuring 3 - 1300 mm


Acuity's lineup of short range laser distance measurement sensors include compact laser triangulation sensors and ultra-precise confocal displacement sensors. Our device offering includes features to satisfy your most challenging machine integration, factory automation and component inspection applications.

2D Laser Scanners

Non-contact laser scanning for dimensions of surfaces, objects and scenes


Acuity offers several types of 2D laser scanners


The AP420 and AP480 2D Laser Scanners are entry level sensor for industrial surface dimensioning and measurements. These scanners generate low-noise 2D profile scans, and includes an onboard processor and memory.  The AP400-Series scanners project a beam of visible laser light in a straight line that measures surface height profiles.


The AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner creates 2D profiles and 3D point cloud data using laser triangulation measurement principles. The AP820 is more compact and performs very well on shiny or jagged targets. Edge scanning pose little problem due to the units auto gain and high dynamic range.



Laser rangefinders for accurate, non-contact distance measuring


Acuity offers a variety of laser distance sensors for accurate, non-contact distance measuring. The AR1000 is a versatile, visible beam laser distance sensor that measures to 30 meters at slow speeds. The AR2500 laser sensor is Acuity's ultra-compact rangefinder model. This eye-safe rangefinder can measure to 30 KHz to natural targets 30 meters away or to reflectors 260 meters away. The AR3000 is an eye-safe distance measurement sensor which measures up to 300 meters at up to 2 KHz.


There is a wide range of applications already realized with the sensors such as positioning, thickness, width, height, length and displacement measurements in various industrial environments. Several products are optimized for certain

applications with regards to sensitivity, speed, enclosure,

size an form. The product ranges are ideal for integrators

and we are pleased to help you select the optimum solution for your needs.