Photonics is related to modern optics, like quantum optics, opto-mechanics, electro-optics, optoelectronics and quantum electronics. With the term photonics, we refer to the particle properties of light, the potential of creating signal processing device technologies using photons, the practical application of optics, and an analogy to electronics.

Applications of photonics today can be found in in many areas from technology used in everyday life to the most advanced science, e.g. light detection, telecommunication, lighting, metrology, spectroscopy, holography, medical science, (surgery, vision correction, endoscopy, health monitoring), military technology, laser material processing, visual art, bio-photonics, agriculture, robotics, scientific computing and consumer devices.





Lasers And Accessories

Among their many applications, lasers are

used in optical disk drives, laser printers,

and barcode scanners; fiber-optic and free-

space optical communication; medical

applications; cutting and welding materials;

military and law enforcement devices,

measuring range and speed; and entertainment





Laser Diagnostics

If you want to get the most out of your laser –

most power, most efficiency, most safety –

you need to measure it.

We offer laser power-energy meters and

sensors, laser beam profilers,

M2 systems and a lot of accessories.





Laser Safety Products

Rapid advancement of laser technology

across a broad spectrum of applications

is making laser safety more important now

than ever before. New laser applications

in medicine,defence, research and industry

present unique safety challenges for

safety and personal protection.





Vibration Control Solutions

All buildings vibrate... activities of people,

machinery, heating and ventilation

systems, and nearby truck or rail traffic

cause all sorts of vibrations. These

vibrations, although acceptable to occupants,

cannot be tolerated by equipment

used in research, precision manufacturing,

inspection, and quality control.






Optical Components

The advent of quantum cascade lasers and

other mid-IR sources has lead the development

of specialized components not commercially

available on an in stock basis.; e.g. MID-IR

Optical Isolators, Focusing Objectives,

Polarization Components, Fiber.Optic Devices.




Optical Filters and Beamsplitters

High-Content Analysis and Raman Spectroscopy are special fields where we can provided filter design and applications expertise for major manufacturers and users. Machine vision, Industrial imaging, colorimetry and automated driver assistance technology are examples of non-fluorescence based imaging applications served by our suppliers.

If there is a need for small and single quantities, we can help you!

Piezo Stages and Controllers

nPoint, Inc. provides nanopositioning solutions for a wide variety of applications and specializes in piezo actuator driven flexure stages available in one, two or three axes of motion. The ultra-precision motion control scanners and controllers provide users with the highest level of performance available in the marketplaces for OEM, industry, and research.