Products and services

The long-term experience we have in dealing and providing solutions within the field of photonics, physical science, imaging and non-contact metrology is utilized with the products and services we are offering to our customers and clients


Measurement means gathering quantitative data about products, processes, and projects and by analyzing that data you can shape your decisions, make plans and take required action.


We are specialized in non-contact methods and utilizing light and especially laser technologies for fast, accurate and realiable data in for industrial and as well for research applications.



Imaging is a very broad dicipline and concists of many different technologies. We are currently updating our portfolio that will include scientific cameras, IR/NIR-cameras and high-speed camera devices and systems




For all products technical support is essential. We are providingbe able to arrange demonstration equipments on demand.after sales services, traceable calibrations, measurement services, application specific knowledge and we are pleased to




With the term photonics, we refer to the particle properties of light, the potential of creating signal processing device technologies using photons, the practical application of optics, and an analogy to electronics.

Applications of photonics today can be found in in many areas from technology used in everyday life to the most advanced science. Therefore we are providing out customers with a large variety of products such as light detection, telecommunication, lighting, metrology, spectroscopy, holography, medical science, military technology, laser material processing,  bio-photonics,  robotics, scientific computing and consumer devices.

                     Instruments and devices


We are offering world-wide well-known brands within the most important areas including opto-mechanics, optics, motion control, lasers, light sources, optical metrology, optical filters, spectroscopy systems and components, laser diagnostic instruments, vibration control and micro manipulators.