Single-point vibrometers

Complete Systems


CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer

                      multi-purpose vibrometer  -  up to 3.2 MHz freuency. range 

                                       -up to 10 m/s vibration velocity


The CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibro- meter is made up of a rack-mountable 19’’ controller supplying laser power to the sensor head via a fiber optic cable.

  • Measurement of vibration velocity and displacement up to 3.2 MHz and 10 m/s

  • Three distinct controller configurations (CLV-2534 -2/-3/-4) suit most common applications

  • Ideal tool both for R&D work on microstructures and industrial applications on large objects

  • Wide range of options such as an integrated video camera, an ultrasonic integrator and microscope objectives



OFV-525/-5000-S Modular 20 m/s Vibrometer

                  up to 1.5 MHz frequency range - 20 m/s vibration velocity


The OFV High-Speed Vibrometer series expands the ability of the proven OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer System to handle high vibrational velocities. Now capable of measurements of velocities up to 20 m/s, the High-Speed System can be optimized for demanding tasks such as engine and fuel injection development, fatigue testing and pyroshock testing.



HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer

                            single / dual / multi-channel and differential
              up to 250 kHz frequencu range - up to 40 m/s vibration velocity


The HSV-100 handles vibration speeds up to 40 m/s and provides single or differential velocity and displacement measurement capabilities. Several controllers can be cascaded, enabling multi-channel measurements with an arbitrary number of channels. Engineers running dynamic engine test benches are able to detect deviations between the actual and theoretical valve elevation curves at different engine speeds or analyze phenomena such as valve bounce in the kilohertz-range. Precise digital decoders used in the HSV-100 offer low noise and unambiguous measurement results.



RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer

                 highest optical sensitivity - 0.75 .. 300 m range - IP-63 sensor


  • Long range > 300 m on many surfaces - allows for  remote access to hazardous areas

  • In-line video camera - full visual control and easy targeting

  • µm resolution on long distances- reveals the tiniest displacements

  • Wide bandwidth up to 25 kHz - enables condition monitoring e.g. of gearboxes

  • Class 2 laser - safe operation without laser safety restrictions

  • Easy setup in minutes and point-and-shoot operation – no cabling or measurement point preparation

  • Works for most surface properties – effortless measurements on encrusted and dirty surfaces without prior cleaning e.g. in mining environments 

  • IP-63 sensor – designed for outdoor use



                     All-In-One Vibrometers



PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer

                                   battery powered - 22 kHz frequency range


Customers requiring a turnkey solution that is portable, affordable and rugged will fully appreciate the advantages of the PDV-100.

  • Battery option for true portability and convenience at under 2.7 kg

  • The first stand-alone laser Doppler vibrometer to with digital decoding electronics

  • In addition to the conventional analog output, a S/PDIF standard digital output connects easily to sound cards, thus eliminating the need of expensive data acquisition electronics


IVS-400 Industrial Vibration Sensor

                       compact -  industrial housing  - 22 kHz frequency range


The new IVS-400 is a digital integrated single box vibrometer, specifically developed for non-contact vibration measurement in production test applications.

  • It exploits the latest digital signal processing techniques to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement from un-cooperative surfaces

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