Vibrometers for special applications

RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer

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RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer

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HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer

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OFV-55x Fiber-Optic Sensor Head

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IPV-100 In-Plane Vibrometer

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High-frequency Vibrometer Controller

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PSV-A-440 Optical Derotator

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The offering includes High Frequency Vibrometers for ultrasonic applications, Rotational Vibrometers for torsional vibration measurement, In-Plane Vibrometers for transverse (in-plane) vibration measurement, Tri-Axial Vibrometers for simultaneous measurement of vibration along 3 axes and long range systems for remote sensing of velocity and displacement.

    Remote Sensing

  • Long range > 300 m on many surfaces - allows for  remote access to hazardous areas

  • In-line video camera - full visual control and easy targeting

  • µm resolution on long distances- reveals the tiniest displacements

  • Wide bandwidth up to 25 kHz - enables condition monitoring e.g. of gearboxes

  • Class 2 laser - safe operation without laser safety restrictions

  • Easy setup in minutes and point-and-shoot operation – no cabling or measurement point preparation

  • Works for most surface properties – effortless measurements on encrusted and dirty surfaces without prior cleaning e.g. in mining environments 

  • IP-63 sensor – designed for outdoor use

The new RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer uses a fiber optic cable to provide laser power to the small RLV-500 Sensor Head, increasing mounting and positioning options without sacrificing precision. The RLV-5500 Controller comes with a 19’’ industrial housing and incorporates the signal processing electronics and power supply.

The sensor head is available for standoff distances of 70 mm, 200 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm. An additional deflection unit enables perpendicular measurements. The RLV-500 Sensor Head can cope with harsh conditions due to the integrated air purge-system and its IP67-protected housing.

The HSV-100 handles vibration speeds up to 40 m/s and provides single or differential velocity and displacement measurement capabilities. Several controllers can be cascaded, enabling multi-channel measurements with an arbitrary number of channels. Engineers running dynamic engine test benches are able to detect deviations between the actual and theoretical valve elevation curves at different engine speeds or analyze phenomena such as valve bounce in the kilohertz-range. Precise digital decoders used in the HSV-100 offer low noise and unambiguous measurement results.

Fiber optic vibrometer systems allow the user to target the measurement laser beam with a flexible cable. Fiber interferometers are most often used to measure small parts, where physical access is difficult, small stand-off-distances are required, or where relative motion between two points needs to be measured.

  • Single-point (OFV-551) or two-arm differential (OFV-552) vibrometer

  • High-efficiency delivery and collection optics produce usable signals from poorly reflecting surfaces up to 1 m away

  • High spatial resolution

  • Typical spot size only 15 µm with standard lens, 3 µm with optional accessories and down to 1 µm through microscopes

  • Rugged internal fiber coupler stabilizes the system against misalignment of the interferometer

  • Integrated power dimmer adjusts output intensity (optional)

  • Extremely compact and robust housing

  • Compatible with entire family of Polytec vibrometer controllers and microscope-based systems

The In-Plane Vibrometer measures velocities perpendicular to the direction from where the sensor head is “looking” onto the sample surface.

  • Non-contact velocity measurement up to 250 kHz

  • Large stand-off distance, small spot size laser probe

  • Zero mass loading, does not disturb sensitive measurements

  • Powerful tool for diagnosing slippage and vibration problems

The OFV-2570 High-Frequency Vibrometer Controller is a compact and non-contact sensor for high-frequency vibration measurements in ultrasonic transducer development, ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT), measurement of high -frequency dynamics of MEMS, and wave propagation research.

It incorporates a dual-range velocity decoder with up to 10 MHz bandwidth and a single-range displacement decoder with up to 24 MHz bandwidth. Both decoders can be operated simultaneously with separate outputs and enable measurement of vibration velocities up to 3 m/s (peak) and displacements up to 75 nm. The instrument includes an LED display for the control settings, signal level display and an RS-232 interface for external communication and programming user-defined settings. Robust enough for an industrial environment and precise enough for the measurement lab,the OFV-2570 satisfies applications where accurate measurements of high-frequency vibration response, phase, linearity and amplitude are needed.

Non-contact Vibration Measurement on Rotating Objects

The PSV-A-440 Optical Derotator makes it simple to perform non-contact vibration measurements on rotating parts with laser vibrometers. Order analysis and measurement of  operational deflection shapes at rotational speeds of up to 24.000 RPM can be realized without the necessity of complex telemetry or the interference of sensor mass. The actual measurement is amazingly simple, as optics rotating at the same RPM freeze the motion of the object. This means that rotating objects, such as fan impellers for consumer products and vehicles, rotors, turbines or  tires, can be measured as if at rest.