Surface Metrology - non-contact methods


Polytec is addressing the surface metrology market with innovative, high-precision 3-D profilometer technology that works on rough, smooth and stepped surfaces without contact. These products are based on scanning white-light interferometry, also called coherent or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. With their large vertical range and nanometer resolution, they are ideal tools for determining flatness, height differences and parallelism of large surfaces and structures, including soft materials


3-D Profilometers for Surface Characterization





The TMS-500 TopMap is a high-precision, non-contact topography

measurement system designed for fast and efficient surface

characterization of precision mechanical components.





Designed for measuring large-area topography on most surfaces

and has an excellent price/performance ratio.





The ideal metrology system for precisely characterizing and

controlling surface quality in a production environment.





A precise optical microscope that features a very high lateral

resolution that enables measurements on microstructures such as MEMS.

TopSens & TopLine Point Sensors

The new Point Sensors can be configured for a wide range of applications.




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