TMS Software


In addition to an intuitive operation of the topography measurement systems, the TMS measurement and analysis software enables easy filtering and analysing of your measurement data. For the automated analysis of routine measurement tasks, the open software architecture offers also an operator interface which can be adapted to the user. You need even more functions? The TMS report packages additionally expand the already large range of functions of the TMS Software.


Release 3.3


Measurement evaluation: easy and quick

With the TMS software version 3.3, TMS white-light interferometers from Polytec offer many innovations, so that you can evaluate your measurement results even more simply and more quickly.

Here an overview on some functions:

  • Interference Finder: automatically detect your surface under test

  • Smart surface scanning technology for measurements on surfaces with different  reflection and/or contrast properties

  • Automatic processing of predefined filter series

  • Work with masks, profiles and layers

  • Evaluation in terms of many different 2-D and 3-D surface parameters

  • Multitude of exportable characteristic values according to e.g. QS-Stat

  • Creation of a task-specific user interface with application-specific add-ins

  • Geometric evaluation options for sphere matching and for determination of step heights, layer thicknesses and volume

  • Expansion of the maximum lateral measurement area through even faster  assembling of several individual measurements (Stitching)

  • Expanded reporting options



TMS-Report: Even more evaluation options

The optional software packages TMS-Report, TMS-Report+ and TMS-Report Premium offer you a function range which has been expanded once again.

Here an overview on some functions:

  • Simple creation of reports

  • Fast generation of templates for routine evaluations

  • Verification of tolerances

  • Extensive profile studies: interactive Abbot curve, roughness and waviness profiles, step measurement, frequency spectrum, fractal analysis, measurement of step height, contour analysis, volume determination

  • Profile and surface operators such as e.g.  spatial filters, statistical parameters, Gauss and spline filter

  • Evaluation parameters e.g. conform to ISO 4287, ISO13565, ISO 12085, ISO 25178 and many more 2D and 3D parameters

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