TMS-100 TopMap Metro.Lab for large area measurements


TMS-100 TopMap Metro.Lab is ideally suited for measuring large-area topography on most surfaces. The large height range of 70 mm allows measurements of flatness, parallelism and step height to be made on larger objects under test with 20 nm resolution. An excellent price/performance ratio makes the Metro.Lab attractive for companies with limited budgets, lower throughput requirements or fewer measurement applications. The instrument is designed for metrology lab precision and can even replace many tactile measurements or sit side-by-side with them while not negatively impacting a budget. As is the case with all TopMap systems, the open software architecture allows routine tasks or customized user interfaces to be easily programmed.




  • Non-contact topography-measuring interferometer

  • Measurement on surfaces near steep edges (e.g. drill holes)

       is possible due to telecentric optics

  • Handle large or small objects under test due to large 70 mm

       z-dynamic range

  • Fast measurement over large field of view

  • Enhanced 80 mm x 80 mm field of view using simplified

       stitching (optional)



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