TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab with high laterat resolution


With its high spatial resolution, the TMS-1200 TopMap μ.Lab

measurement microscope sets new standards in non contact-

topography measurement. Simple, quick and precise, it acquires

high-resolution topographical maps of functional surfaces and

microstructures to determine critical parameters such as

flatness, ripple and roughness. Designed specifically to

characterize the micro-topography of functional surfaces and

microstructures, it is a perfect solution for products in

development or in quality control. The instrument has high

lateral resolution and can measure surfaces with different

reflectivities by using the Smart Surface Scan technique.




  • Rapid, non-contact 3-D topography measurement with subnanometer resolution

  • Determination of structural topography and shape on both rough and specular surfaces

  • Smart Surface Scan technique copes with different contrast (reflectivity) levels

  • Powerful TMS software for processing data to determine topography and to characterize the surface

  • 2-D and 3-D presentation modes with video overlay

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